Hiring and Inspiring: The Travel Village Group hires TWO first-class university graduates 

Posted on: Tuesday 9th August 2022 by Jess Clayton

University Graduates Hired

Investing In The Future Of Travel

The Travel Village Group hired two university graduates in Spring 2022. For many university students, finding employment after full-time education is somewhat of a scary and daunting prospect. This year, finding employment as a young professional is more pressuring and challenging than ever before, with there being three cohorts of graduates looking to kick start their chosen career following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, thanks to The Travel Village Group, for two Leeds Beckett graduates Jenny Higgins and Lilli Medlicott – this was not the case. 

Why We Hired University Graduates

The Travel Village Group adopts an expansive and inclusive approach to its onboarding process; in taking students and young professionals into consideration in a way that many other companies would not. Giving graduates such a chance not only allows for them to kickstart their career, but brings innovation and modernity to a business in allowing younger people to share what they have learned over the course of their degree. Immersing graduates into a professional working environment allows them to develop their skill set and get the full experience of working within their chosen field, as well as giving them the opportunity to grow with the business. 

The Travel Village Group did not only welcome Jenny and Lilli into employment, but introduced them to the travel industry for the very first time. Employing two students who are new to the sector not only gives them a chance to learn and develop their skill set, but generates newfound love and passion for the industry as a whole – introducing it to a new generation. Both Jenny and Lilli studied degrees that were not linked to the travel industry, however their passion for travel did not go unnoticed.

The Impact of Covid

Travel was a part of many young students’ agendas, with both Jenny and Lilli setting their sights on internships or study abroad programmes as part of their degree. Due to COVID-19 however, those types of opportunities were not just taken away but were made practically impossible. Students enrolled into university with dreams of studying a year abroad and, instead, left having completed a year of learning online instead.

This leaves behind students longing and yearning to immerse themselves in the world of travel to compensate for the fact they could not indulge in travel in the ways they had planned. Attempting to do this following a pandemic however is hard. There are still remaining COVID regulations, country guidelines, isolation periods and testing regulations to adhere to. That, coupled with the fact that students leave university in masses of debt, makes it incredibly difficult to find avenues into the world of travel when not associated through education or academic placement schemes.

Despite the hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, both Jenny and Lilli graduated from Leeds Beckett University with First Class Honours! The Travel Village Group hired both university graduates before they received their results – Jenny in April, where she worked part time whilst writing her dissertation and completing her final major project, whilst Lilli was hired shortly after this, in June. This showcases how The Travel Village Group hires ahead of the game when it comes to onboarding new young professionals. This also means that both Jenny and Lilli were hired prior to their final grade being revealed, demonstrating how The Travel Village Group hires candidates based on communicative and creative ability as opposed to solely academic results – both Jenny and Lilli graduating with first class honours was, of course, a bonus though! 

Career Opportunities

Going from student to graduate typically means that it is time for young people to become young professionals, focusing on booking job interviews as opposed to booking plane tickets. But what if a company hired university graduates for a progressive career as well as giving them the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of travel?

Both Jenny and Lilli were welcomed into The Travel Village Group despite having studied degrees that were not related to the travel industry. This does however mean that they can offer a new perspective to the business and demonstrate alternative skills picked up from their respected degrees that coincide to better benefit the business. 

Jenny, for example, studied Fashion Marketing BA (Hons), learning about luxury branding and marketing within the fashion industry. Her degree was coursework based, meaning she was given a wide variety of creative projects such as graphic design work, social media campaigns, journalism & business based modules. Jenny utilises the skills learned throughout her degree, generating audience engagement through exciting and innovative media campaigns. She oversees four of our brands’ social media accounts for The Travel Village Group, creating visual digital and print designs as well as producing weekly email advertising campaigns. 

On the other hand, Lilli’s degree was less vocational, as she studied English and Media BA (Hons) at the same institution. Doing English and Media as a combined course meant that she would critically analyse both media and literary texts, with assignments mainly being essay-based. Lilli utilises the skills learned through overseeing social media accounts for The Travel Village Group, creating internal documents, copywriting and proofreading content, as well as being a direct point of contact for personalised social media content and advice for a large group of homeworking agents.

Fresh Talent

Jenny says

Everybody told me when I started this job that working in travel is one of the most exciting industries to be in and so far I can confirm that this is true. I’ve always been an avid traveller & have been lucky enough to have grown up cruising. Being able to combine my love for both travel and design in a job is incredible, and I can genuinely say that I love my job. The team at The Travel Village Group have made me feel welcome and valued since day one.

Lilli states

I have always had a passion for travel but never got the chance to act on it with the circumstances that COVID-19 brought. I never could have imagined that my career involved both design and travel. I absolutely love my job and have truly been welcomed into the industry with open arms. In my few short months here, I have never felt more valued and appreciated from a company. Thanks to The Travel Village Group, not only do I have a job in travel, but cannot wait to continue my career within the sector. 

The most important takeaway however, is that both Jenny and Lilli have not just gotten jobs with The Travel Village Group, but began their careers. Both graduates have gone from not being able to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, to seeing their future within the sector and the wider industry; all with thanks to The Travel Village Group.

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