Travel Village Group Celebrate 65 years

Celebrating 65 Years Of The Travel Village Group

It’s 2024, and we’re celebrating 65 years of trading for our 4th Generation Family Business, known, these days, as the Travel Village Group.
We’re a very different business compared to the one that began back in 1959… although what has never changed is our friendly approach, customer service (that we’ve won awards for!) and treating our clients like an extension of the family.

Where It All Began

Eric Capey Bourne served his country in the Reconnaissance Corps, or simply Recce Corps during the Second World War. This was a corps of the British Army, formed during the Second World War whose units provided the mobile spearhead of infantry divisions. It was formed from infantry brigade reconnaissance groups on 14 January 1941. Eric married Lena Elizabeth Podmore in 1942 whilst serving on the continent with the Corps which then became part of the Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) in 1944.
Eric was medically discharged from the army in 1946 and had the ambition to start what would be an incredible journey of hard work, risk-taking, and entrepreneur-ism. Money was loaned (and paid back) by members of Eric’s family to help him fulfil his dream. The money was used to purchase a post office in Blackpool, that would soon sell holidays. However, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for his wife Lena, who looked after every detail in the family home whilst working full time in the post office. Lena was Eric’s rock, keeping him grounded, and between them, they brought up Carol & Dennis and eventually brought them into the family business. A business that today stands proud in Blackpool, still on Highfield Road and still working by the very same principles of customer service and entrepreneur-ism that enabled Eric to fulfil his dream back in 1959.

Through The Generations

When Eric and Lena retired and Carol and Dennis took over at the helm. Dennis stayed at the Post Office, which moved further up Highfield Road, to allow the expansion of Bourne Travel by Carol, with husband Peter. Highfield Road is where our Travel Village shop and HQ still operates today, with Phil’s cousins Susan (Dennis’ daughter) and Carole Anne (Peter’s niece) still very much part of the family business.

Carol brought Phil into the business in 1983, straight out of high school at 16 years old, following his interest in travel, born from spending many weekends looking through the brochures that he dutifully stamped for the travel agency.

You’re reading the brochures as you’re stamping them, and it grips you – the destinations and geography were fantastic. We did have fun: we could write out airline tickets and fly wherever we wanted and come back on Monday morning. It’s one of those things – travel is in your blood. I grew up with it: you eat, sleep and breathe it. My parents [Peter and Carol] were heavily involved in the business and you never switch off. You dedicate your life to this industry, in many ways.

Phil Nuttall – In interview with Travel Weekly

Phil took over as the owner of the business in 2002, when he also changed the name of the shop to Save’n’Sail, becoming the first High Street travel agency in the UK to be dedicated to Cruise holidays. The store has been through quite the evolution… from offering UK coach breaks, to being the Fylde Coast’s go-to agent for sunny beach holidays (Bourne Travel), to firmly establishing our name as cruise specialists (Save’n’Sail, The Cruise Village). These days, as the Travel Village, the shop is recognised as an all-round travel agency with a passion for cruise.

2013 saw the 4th generation of the family join the business, as Phil’s daughter Jess became a member of the Marketing team – which she now heads up!

In 2014, Phil & (soon-to-be wife) Paula developed a home-working business model (Creative Travellers) for independent travel agents, which would become the Holiday Village – our ever-expanding network of Business Owners.

Paula’s son Daniel also joined the family business, taking control of their I.T. and telecommunications; and Paula’s sister Denise joined as a valued member of the finance team.

What Defines Us

And, now, here we are in 2024… and the travel industry has certainly seen challenges throughout the last 65 years – from the Falklands War to the Gulf War, SARS to Covid, plus ash clouds, earthquakes and tsunamis. The Travel Village Group can certainly say that we’ve seen our share, and the business has only become stronger for it. The Travel Village Group stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of family values and entrepreneurial spirit, spanning four generations. With each passing year, our commitment to excellence, personalised service, and passion for travel continues to define us, as we carry forward the rich heritage that has guided us through 65 years of remarkable journeys. We know that it’s because at the heart of it all, it’s all about putting the customer first.

We’re excited to see what the future brings, and we’re looking forward to celebrating our 65th birthday with a huge party at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom in December. As a business, we’re well prepared, still expanding, and constantly looking at new products to offer our guests. We can’t wait to take you on the journey with us!

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