Travel Village Group Named A TTG Sustainable Travel Expert

Posted on: Wednesday 30th August 2023 by Lily Hall

Our Blackpool-based travel agent has been named a TTG Sustainable Travel Expert!

Jenny Higgins, our Marketing Executive, was selected by TTG Media and the TTG Sustainable Travel Heroes to be one of 20 travel agents on the inaugural TTG Sustainable Travel Ambassadors programme in 2023. 

The four-month programme has seen participants attend a series of workshops to learn about the principles of sustainability and the choices they can encourage clients to make in order to make a difference. 

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding carbon and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of a business 
  • Identifying suppliers who are taking sustainability seriously
  • How travellers can minimise their negative impact, including animal welfare
  • How travellers can maximise their positive impact, including community tourism and community-based tourism 

Students on the programme also had to complete a variety of homework tasks. Plus, were given the opportunity to attend at least one sustainability-themed familiarisation trip in order to see sustainable travel in action. Agents who successfully graduated the programme are now equipped with marketing tools to help them promote their expertise to their customers. 

About The Programme

TTG Media editorial director Pippa Jacks said: “Since 2019, TTG Media’s mission has been to champion a Smarter, Better, Fairer travel industry, and it’s been incredibly exciting this year to work closely with a hand-picked community of travel agents to inspire them about the important role they can play, and equip them with the tools, confidence and contacts to be able to sell more sustainable travel.” 

Jenny Higgins, Travel Village Group Marketing Executive, said: “The world is such a beautiful place and being able to explore it so easily is a fantastic thing. However, it has started to come at a compromise for the planet. Finding new ways to see the world, whilst preventing further harm to it is something that I think we can all agree is absolutely essential to help reduce global warming. From this program I’ve been able to properly educate myself. Alongside, passing my knowledge onto agents within the business, to show them the true facts behind carbon emissions. I have insights into tour operators that contribute to the sustainability initiative such as Iberostar and Hurtigruten. Internally, since starting the program, we’ve developed animal welfare policies and have liaised with tour operators about their sustainable initiatives too.”

The TTG Sustainable Travel Ambassadors programme is delivered in conjunction with the TTG Sustainable Travel Heroes. These are six suppliers who are leading in their sectors:

  • Avis – mobility partner
  • G Touring – touring partner
  • Greece – destination partner 
  • Hurtigruten Expeditions – expedition partner
  • Iberostar Hotels & Resorts – accommodation partner 
  • Intrepid – small group adventure partner 

See for more information about the programme and to download useful tools and resources. 

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