Travel Village Completes First Beach Clean Of The Year

Posted on: Thursday 20th April 2023 by Lily Hall

Travel Village Group, in collaboration with Royal Caribbean International, has teamed up with Enveco NW Environmental Services (a Blackpool Council wholly-owned business) to help save our waves by picking up litter that has been left behind on the beach and promenade on Blackpool’s seafront, with the first of 4 scheduled Beach Cleans for 2023.

Beach cleans may seem like small acts but they can have a big impact on the planet and marine life. This is why we have organised quarterly beach cleans, hoping it will raise awareness to the importance of reducing waste and taking action to protect our environment. 

With a team of almost 30 volunteers, including representatives from Royal Caribbean and Tangle, our mission was to fill two suitcases with litter which equates to around 50kg! We are so proud to say that after two hours scouring the seemingly tidy beach, we had rescued around 12 bags with litter and even managed to rescue an old shopping trolley that had been stranded on the beach for weeks!

We definitely succeeded in making a positive impact on our local community and many passers-by congratulated us on our efforts. It was a fantastic experience, bringing teams together to support a worthy cause and helping to clean up the beautiful beaches of Blackpool.

Want to join us on our next beach clean? Register your interest here

Jenny Higgins, Marketing Executive & Group Sustainability Ambassador, said:

Seeing the whole team come together to save our waves, and help our community, was absolutely incredible. I was surprised at just how much we collected based on the beach looking clean at first sight. I can’t wait to do it all again in the summer and keep helping out!

Jess Clayton, Group Content Manager, said: 

The Beach Clean is such an important event for us. As a Fylde Coast business, spanning 8 decades, we have deep roots in the community, And, as a Travel Agency that specialises in Cruise, we also have a commitment to the future of our oceans. What better way to show our appreciation, for both of these, than by giving back with our time and energy. The feedback on the day, by locals and tourists alike, was incredibly heartwarming.

Lilli Medlicott, Marketing Executive, added: 

The Beach Clean was amazing and thankfully so was the weather! It was great to see such a large group of people come together to do something to help the environment. While taking part, we received several compliments from both tourists and local Blackpool residents saying things like “amazing work you are doing here” or “well done keep going”. It was so nice to see not just the Travel Village Group come together to support the environment but the wider community.

Phil Nuttall, Group CEO had this message:

It’s important for us all to be looking at what we can do to help our planet. We’ve all got to start thinking more responsibly about sustainability, regardless of whether we think we’re having a small or huge impact. The important thing is to do your bit. Whether that’s cycling to work instead of driving, helping local projects like beach cleans, supporting businesses that re-purpose marine waste, or investing in new technologies that reduce pollution and energy consumption. It’s all about ensuring that we leave something better for the next generations.

You can sign up to take part in our next beach clean here!

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