Apprentices: Inspiring The Future Generation Of Travel

Posted on: Thursday 13th July 2023 by Jess Clayton

In June 2022 the Travel Village Group took on our first ever apprentices, Millie Jackson and Annie Shaw. A year later we’re welcoming another two incredible people to the team, Amelia Bonney and Lewis Griffiths.

We’re working with the Northern Training Academy, who are at the forefront of offering exceptional apprenticeship programs. Recognised for its commitment to excellence, the academy provides a diverse range of apprenticeships in various industries. From engineering and construction to healthcare and digital technology, their programs cater to a wide array of career paths. With a strong emphasis on practical training, apprentices gain invaluable hands-on experience under the guidance of industry experts. The academy’s partnerships with companies like Travel Village Group ensure that apprentices receive high-quality placements and job prospects upon completion.

Millie Jackson

Started June 2022

I have been an apprentice at the Travel Village Group for over a year now. I started working here straight after finishing a triple Travel and Tourism BTEC course at Blackpool Sixth Form, and I have learnt so much.
My apprenticeship is a Level 3 Business Administration course, and I work within the Care Team. The course fits in well with my day-to-day job; which includes offering customer service to customers, and liaising with our tour operator partners. I have gained so much knowledge across the travel industry, on different travel companies and the products they offer. Every day I find it amazing that I am able to get a qualification whilst doing a job I love. I wanted to work within the travel industry, as I have always had a passion for travel. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have had since I started working here, such as getting to go on my first river cruise in April 2023. This was a great experience for me. I got to know my colleagues better, whilst gaining knowledge about the services we offer customers. 
I love working at The Travel Village Group, and I’m looking forward to my future in the business. 

Annie Shaw

Started July 2022

Since joining the Travel Village on a Business Administration apprenticeship, I have learned so much!
I have a tutor [from Northern Training Academy] that visits me each month, setting new coursework and targets for me to meet. Having the apprentice scheme in place has allowed me to gain an understanding into how the business [Travel Village Group] works, as well as providing me with opportunities to grow in my career.
I have always loved travelling, and I am so glad that my career path is able to combine my interests. I studied Travel & Tourism at college, so being on this apprenticeship scheme is an extension to my further education, helping to sharpen and develop my skills. 

Working with the Travel Village Group has given me opportunities that I possibly wouldn’t have experienced in other placements… my favourite opportunity would be being invited on a Amadeus River Cruise familiarisation trip. Being an apprentice, and new to the job, I didn’t think I would get an opportunity like this so soon, and it was my first time ever being on ship. 

Lewis Griffiths

Started May 2023

Working in I.T wasn’t something I was considering as a career path until Dan [Daniel Turner, Group I.T. Manager] called me for an interview. The role he offered me combined my love of technology and helping people; so this played a major factor in me coming to work at Travel Village Group. Adapting to new technology and their advancement has been something that I’ve experienced most of life; so it’s like second nature to me. This allows me to be quick in response to many aspects of my job. I.T. is definitely the field I would like to stay in, and advance within. Since joining in May 2023, everybody at TVG has been very welcoming to me. The team are always willing to answer any questions I have, and the opportunity to work for such a caring family business is definitely something that doesn’t come around often. I am very thankful for it.

Amelia Bonney

Started July 2023

I’ve studied travel & tourism for the past 5 years at high school and through to college. I’ve always known that I wanted to work within the travel industry, but i was never too keen to work in sales. Fortunately for me, there’s more to travel than being a travel agent!

This apprenticeship is allowing me to work in an industry that I love, whilst also being in a department that I find interesting… Marketing! I’m excited to learn more about what’s involved; discover how I can utilise and hone my skills, and prove that I can be an incredible asset to the business.

Everyone at the Travel Village Group has been so welcoming and helpful; and I couldn’t be more grateful to work here. This is by far the best company I have ever worked for and I look forward to my future career here.  

At the Travel Village Group we’re proud to champion new talent, and encourage the next generation to consider the travel industry as one of the best industries to work within.

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