Record Sales Following Travel Village Group Conference 2022

Posted on: Friday 29th July 2022 by Jess Clayton

Travel Village Group Conference

Conference Partners See Growing Business Results From Group

In May 2022 we held the first ever Travel Village Group Conference at sea, aboard MSC Cruises’ incredible ship MSC Virtuosa.

With over 130 attendees from the Group’s HQ staff, travel professionals (across Travel Village & Holiday Village models), and a huge range of Tour Operator Partners the success of the 3-night trip was almost inevitable. Cruise Experts have been exposed to upsell opportunities and land-based ideas. Luxury/tour specialists have embraced the concept of cruising. The conference was an incredible chance for all attending to expand their portfolios and take away new and exciting options for their clients.

In fact, travel partners that attended the conference have seen a surge in sales from the Travel Village Group, which have averaged 81% higher in June and July 2022, when compared to the same period in 2019.

Our Group Managing Director, John Warr said:

We’ve seen a huge uptick in sales following the conference which is fantastic.

Results are already exceeding all sales made in 2021 and, even though last year was not a normal sales year, it’s very encouraging.

We are encouraging operators to come next year because we can show we’re not just taking your money, you come along and then that’s it. Our commitment, and our ethos of “We Give You More”, extends beyond the event itself; and we give all the operators updates on how their sales are going. Additionally, we want to get the best value for them and the best return for their support of our event.

We promise to keep an eye on you because you supported us and, therefore, you are our priority. If you join us at our conference, then our commitment is we will grow our businesses together.

With 2022 setting the standard high for the Group’s Conference, we’re looking forward to November 2023, and our next conference. With expectations of a larger team by then, and a host of new suppliers (in addition to our long-standing and trusted operators) we envisage even more incredible results moving into Peaks 2024.

Moving Forward

The Travel Village Group Conference 2023 is being planned now; and we urge all tour operator partners to book a space. We never take your commitment to supporting our family business for granted, and we assure you that any attending operators will always be considered a priority and preferred partner.

We can’t wait to host everyone next year. Roll on #TVGConf2023 !!

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