Our Legends Of Travel!

Posted on: Thursday 25th May 2023 by Jess Clayton

We all know that the Travel Industry is the very best business to work within, and few of us are so lucky that we dedicate our entire careers to sending people around the world on amazing trips.

Carole Anne Bolton, from our Finance team, and our CEO Phil Nuttall are two such people! In April 2023 Carole Anne celebrated an incredible 45 years working in the industry! Starting way back when Bourne Travel (the Travel Village Group’s humble beginnings) was run by Eric and Lena Bourne (Phil’s grandparents). Carole Anne has seen a huge amount of changes over the years, not least the beginnings of Phil’s travel career, 40 years ago!

The two have worked their way up through the ranks of travel, from stamping brochures and selling holidays; to seeing one shop in Blackpool become a national agency with a network of agents all over the country (and abroad!). They’ve navigated global pandemics, wars, natural disasters, and more; but have helped adapt the business as part of an evolving and ever-changing travel industry.

Phil and Carole Anne spoke to Travel Weekly’s Lucy Huxley, and shared stories of the past, and aspirations for the future of travel.

Phil remarked on how the industry has changed, and how excited he is for the future and potential of the business. And not just his own business, but the whole travel industry. After spending the last 12-18 months re-organising the business, and reinforcing brands, Phil is looking forward to bringing the fun and family aspects of the business back into play in 2023/24, whilst moving forward with ambitious plans and new ideas.

It’s about not doing the same as you did last year. Where are the emerging markets again? I don’t want to do the same. We have to be brave and get out of our comfort zone.
It’s all about one word. Behaviour. Get your behaviour right, and you’ll generate a J-curve for organic growth.

Here’s the full interview:


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