January 2023 Charity Challenge: Run The Month

Posted on: Wednesday 28th December 2022 by Jess Clayton

Never ones to rest on our pigs in blankets and leftover turkey butties; the Travel Village Group are taking on a charity challenge for January 2023.

We’re running the equivalent of a marathon (26.2 miles/42.2km) over the course of January in an effort to raise awareness and money to support Prostate Cancer UK.

We have runners of all levels within the Group, and based all over the UK, so that fact that Run the Month: Marathon Edition is a challenge that can be completed personally or as a team works perfectly for us.

Prostate cancer, affects an astonishing 1 in 8 men in the UK. That’s fathers, grandfathers, partners, brothers, sons, uncles, nephews and friends.

Phil Nuttall, the Group’s CEO, had this to say:

The one special thing about the Travel Village Group is that we are a true “4th Generation Family Business” where everyone is quite literally part of our extended family. This means when anyone faces challenging times, they have a support structure around them and someone to talk to. Just because our family business is predominantly female, doesn’t mean Prostate Cancer will not affect them. Illness to family and friends can have a real impact on working life and that is why raising awareness of serious illnesses such as Prostate Cancer is so important. Our Travel Village Group “Running Challenge” will do just that, help raise awareness of Prostate Cancer this January.

Reflecting on organising the challenge for the Group, Jess Clayton said:

January is such a busy time for people working in the Travel Industry, and I believe that it’s massively important to make sure that our people are taking time to step away from their desks at the end of the work day, and get some physical exercise (ideally outside). The benefits of this are huge; not just physically, but mentally. And now, of course, we can add the satisfaction of helping to raise awareness (and hopefully some cash) to support Prostate Cancer UK. I have 6 nephews myself; and knowing that we’re helping to keep resources available, and research to continue, for something that may help them in future will be what spurs me on.

If you would like to support the team on their charity challenge, and donate to this fantastic cause, please visit the Team page and select any runner to donate to.

Alternatively you can donate directly to the runners’ pages: Jess Clayton | Lewis Johnston | John Warr

Thanks everyone for your support! Keep an eye out for the next challenge!

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