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Posted on: Tuesday 15th November 2022 by Lily Hall

Leeds Beckett Event

From Education to Employment: Jenny and Lilli from the Travel Village Group attend Leeds Beckett’s ‘Get Involved: Get Hired’ event at the Career Opportunities fair

Going from full-time student to full-time employee can be an incredibly daunting prospect. As Christmas nears, students across the UK are encouraged to start thinking about what they want their career to look like,and the steps they need to take to get there. Full time employment is very different to being in full-time education. It is vital that universities and educational institutions prepare students for what lies ahead. It can done by ensuring students’ CV’s are up-to-date, equipping them with the confidence and professionalism to pass interviews or setting up fairs like this to explore career opportunities. It’s so important to ensure that young people can transition from education to employment easily and confidently.

Leeds Beckett University is no stranger to the process of helping students obtain the employability skills they need for life after graduation, and most recently invited two of the Travel Village Group’s Marketing Assistants, Jenny Higgins and Lilli Medlicott to their annual ‘Get Involved: Get Hired’ event. Returning to campus this time as young professionals, Jenny and Lilli, two recent first-class graduates from Leeds Beckett University, took part in the event –  helping current students learn the career opportunities that the travel sector can bring. 

Working at the Travel Village Group

Jenny and Lilli hosted a Travel Village Group stall, speaking to current final-year university students on their experiences and easing their anxieties about job seeking and professional life after education. This was also an incredible opportunity to showcase to young people the multitude of career opportunities that the Travel & Tourism industry can bring.

Lilli reflects on this, stating “I always presumed I would need a qualification in Travel and Tourism to have any sort of career within the industry. I had absolutely no idea I could utilise my English and Media degree to obtain not a career. I have a job that combines both my creativity and love for travel. It was amazing to highlight this to current third-year students. A lot of them were surprised and excited to find out that their degree was in fact transferable to the Travel industry”.

Managing Director of the Travel Village Group, John Warr states, “We are very proud of our two newly appointed First Class graduates, Jenny and Lilli who returned to Leeds Beckett University for the Get Involved: Get Hired event. Jenny and Lilli returned to campus just six months after graduating, this time not as students but as young professionals as part of the Travel Village Group. It was an amazing opportunity for them to speak to third year students about their employability potential and the opportunities that could await them should they choose to start a career in travel!

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